don’t need buns of steel.


My pal Seb has all the best ideas. They’re working on a zine called Cinnamon Buns which is a ‘queer trans-faggy body positive zine’ full of smokin’ hot babes and killer food recipes (Seb is an insane cook). But more than a zine, Seb has been working on loadsa fun t-shirts and tote bags and pins to go with the enterprise. I am very fond of my Hug a Homosexual t-shirt and now that I’ve got my Keep it Queer tote bag I can take my Cinnamon Buns support with me wherever I go! I once attempted to help Seb make various bits for the zine but instead ended up lying on the sofa, eating donuts and watching them at work…

Go like the Cinnamon Buns Facebook page here to check out all the rad t-shirts etc, keep up with the zine and events!

T-shirt : Cinnamon Buns (L)
Skirt :  Topshop Tall (UK 16)
Shoes : New Look
Sunglasses : Primark

And check out Seb a) being a handsome babe and b) modelling my new shopper!

And let’s have a closer look at their totally kickass Ritz cracker pin…

ALSO! Listen up! I’m selling loads of my clothes size 14-18 and shoes size 9-10 on a selling blog, so please click here and have a look!

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