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Last night I was invited to the opening soirĂ©e for Evans’ new flagship store on Oxford Street! It’s opposite the old one, near Marble Arch, but boy is it different. Brightly lit and high-ceilinged, it’s a real joy to shop in. The staff are helpful and passionate and friendly, and it’s got loads of great stuff for this season.

Mac : Hobbs NW3 (UK 16)
Shirt : Dorothy Perkins (UK 18)
Skirt : New Look Inspire (UK 20)
Tights : Cette opaques from TightsPlease
Shoes : Topshop

Trying to branch out from wearing M&S black tights for the rest of my life, so gave this blue-black pair from TightsPlease a go. Very happy to report that they are chub-appropriate and pleasantly opaque!

I believe the stag print/collar tip combo is, to use a technical term, bitchin’.

And worn with my beloved Luella bag (on which I need the zip fixed if anyone can recommend someone), it made up my first-day-of-school outfit as I had some introductory classes for my MA yesterday! Photo stolen from the wonderful Diana, taking pics for Plus Size Tall.

And I had the pleasure of meeting Suzanne Clements and Inacio Ribeiro, aka Clements Ribeiro who are the designers behind the massively successful Swan collaboration with Evans, which I completely believe to be the best thing to happen in plus-size fashion in a really long time. I’m so grateful for what they’ve done with Evans, and I can’t speak highly enough of the Swan items I’ve tried or bought so far! Basically I want everything.

Aaaand I got my nails painted in a pretty OPI shade, Dim Sum Plum!

Thanks again to Evans for being so warm and welcoming! Really looking forward to shopping there!

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