Pretty In Pink.


I am crazy about this jumper. I actually can’t believe how cute and perfect it is. Imagine bobbles that form hearts. Just imagine! I wasn’t joking when I said I wanted all the stuff from Simply Be, and this is a perfect example of what great clothes they’ve got this season. I’m going to wear this oversized knit all winter long and be joyful <3

Jumper : Simply Be (UK 20/22)
Jeans : Evans (UK 18)
Shoes : New Look

I wore this outfit for the daytime part of my pal Charlotte’s hen, including a meatfest lunch and a trip to Wah! Nails, which resulted in this wondrous mani.

Then home for a quick change before heading out to the lovely Edinboro Castle in Camden for drinks in the garden under a heater. Charlotte (not the hen, a different Charlotte) always looks perfect, so here she is looking perfect. I wore my new Lana Del Jumper from H&M which is AMAZING and wonderful but it’s the fluffiest thing in the world ever and can really only be worn with fluff-repellent fabrics. It also goes right up your nose and makes you sneeze. So I wore it with my great new Simply Be skirt. It looks slightly different on me to the model (not just because I’m not Naomi Shimada lol) because it forms more of a tulip shape on me which I love.

Shirt : H&M
Skirt : Topshop
Shoes H&M

Jumper : H&M (L)
Skirt : Simply Be (UK 20)
Shoes : New Look
Bag : ASOS

We are all about the faux-leather skirts.

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