time for a change.


There’s something super cosy about this outfit. The trousers are like pyjamas, the shoes are like slippers, the coat is just the most comfortable, warm cuddle-esque thing ever. Autumn is definitely here and I feel great. Bright blue skies, red leaves, the occasional gust of cold wind. It’s all good. Prancing in my new winter coat is a proper joy, and I think I’m now sorted for the season!

Whenever I post a photo of me smiling I get comments registering people’s surprise, so I’m trying to do it more often. Also my pal Thea who took the photo was making me laugh. I didn’t stand a chance at being srs bsns.

Coat : Simply Be (UK 20)
Sweater : Gap (XL)
Trousers : Clements Ribeiro Swan (UK 18)
Shoes : New Look

My adorable necklace is from Shipshape Studio and I love it! I think it’s so exciting/lovely when a nice shop starts up and sells thoughtfully-procured/sustainably made bits and pieces, and they do just that. It’s my concession to sunnier times in this extremely wintry outfit!

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