a tale of two shirts.


Once upon a time I bought a shirt in a charity shop in Deal. It’s been a wardrobe staple ever since, and has been the source of much admiration. It recently became apparent that my pal Ele has the very same shirt. So mine came from a charity shop, hers was bought by a friend in Poland but the label says that many moons ago it was from Marks & Spencer. Anyone else got this shirt? Step forward! A group dinner last night felt like the perfect occasion on which to get Ele and I in the same place at the same time wearing the delicious item…

Jacket : ASOS
Shirt : charity shop
Skirt : New Look Inspire
Shoes : Evans
Tights : Just My Size
Unicorn necklace : Tatty Devine

Naturally we arm-wrestled.

About the tights : I’ve finally found a pair that work for me! The Just My Size microfibre tights are completely brilliant and I wore them today with absolutely zero drama. It was a pleasure. The legs fit just right and they’re appropriately tight around the body which means they don’t fall down, which is all I ask for! Highly, highly recommended at long last.

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