adventures of a fat bitch.


This weekend I finally wore my beloved Fat Bitch necklace with an outfit I wanted to post. This is such a great necklace, and I’m so excited that it’s actually made by my friend Charlotte’s new business! I’m genuinely so proud and excited that Black Heart Creatives are doing so well so soon, and it’s because Charlotte is a kickass babe with kickass ideas. For example, this Bluth family name necklace, complete with banana, which I may buy for all my Arrested Development needs.

I wore it with my new Topshop t-shirt, which got a lot of admiring attention when I posted a photo on Twitter. A lot of fellow fats said ‘I can never buy anything in Topshop, it doesn’t go up to my size’. Well, mine either! I just try everything on. This top is only listed as being a M/L but it fits me just fine!

Jacket : Joanna Hope at Simply Be
T-shirt : Topshop
Jeans : Simply Be
Shoes : Clarks

The weather has been sufficiently lovely recently for me to wear my most amazing new purchases. Simply Be have started stocking Miu Miu, and I haven’t used up all my prize money yet, so I was finally, and unexpectedly, able to acquire the one accessory I’ve coveted the longest. And boy, do I love them. Wonderful red Miu Miu cat-eye glitter sunglasses <3

Here are two ideas for things to do while you’re being a fat bitch. Firstly, you can get pounced on by your cute babe while you’re trying to take a photo of yourself for your blog.

Or you could head to KFC and keep up the good Fat Bitch work by having some original recipe chicken and substandard chips.

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