bros reunited.


I’ve seen my beloved Charlotte twice this year, which is grim. She is a wonderful and faithful friend, not to mention extremely glamourous. It was amazing to lunch with her on Sunday, not least because of the exemplary banana split and can of Ting that I consumed.

I wore my Clements Ribeiro Swan t-shirt with zebras on it, as modelled by Nicolette in the campaign. I picked up the zebra t-shirt as well as the lobster dress because I reckoned of all the pieces, they were the most ‘me’. Appropriately, I also wore a skirt I bought off Charlotte two years ago, which is still serving me well!

Fun fact: my house got broken into last Thursday and the only thing they had time to steal was my jewellery box, including a bitchin’ gold chain I’d bought from Topshop on Tuesday and hadn’t had time to wear yet. I went back to Topshop on Sunday and they’d already stopped selling it, so I had to replace it with this faux-ruby adorned version.

Top : Clements Ribeiro Swan
Skirt : Cos
Shoes : Evans
Sunglasses : Miu Miu
Necklace : Topshop

Dress : vintage
Shoes : Debenhams
Bag : Faith

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