Paris, je t’aime.


No, I didn’t only wear blue and white-striped t-shirts while I was in Paris! I just thought I’d use this outfit as an example of Bethany en vacances from my French adventure last week. Obviously it’s a lot more casual than the sensible dresses I’ve been posting recently, but it was comfortable and temperature-perfect. This is also the first time I’ve posted my new zip-bottom leggings which also have a quilted panel around the bottom. They’re pretty excellent and were definitely useful for my Paris adventure.

Also – omg! No lipstick!

Jacket : ASOS
Top : Clements Ribeiro Swan
Leggings : Simply Be
Shoes : Evans

Paris was pretty wonderful, to be honest. I decided it would be a good 40th birthday present for my sweetheart.

London needs more roads that look like this

And more houses that look like this

The Sacré Cœur is pretty nice too

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