rock lobster.


It’s been unseasonably warm of late. I didn’t think I’d get to wear my beloved sunglasses again and yet here they are with a relaxed Sunday outfit, with added lobster… I can’t believe how much wear I get out of my Clements Ribeiro Swan stuff. I’ve worn the matchstick trousers pretty much every week since I got them a year and a half ago! I just wish there was more stuff with frivolous prints in good shapes. I don’t want twee birds on everything (cute as they are), I want interesting designs and proper trousers and good sleeve lengths and all the other things that make me feel great about fashion. I’m just glad to own a sweater dress with a lobster on it, to be honest, because it’s not like I’ve seen any other plus size retailers doing anything remotely similar. Brands, if you’re listening, all I want is more adventure in print and colour beyond the safe and approved pretty-girl zones! I’d luv you forever.

Sweater dress : Clements Ribeiro Swan
Leggings : Simply Be
Boots : Evans
Satchel : Cambridge Satchel Co
Sunglasses : Miu Miu

And check out the most frivolous thing I own! It was a thank you for doing this quick interview for Three and I am so in  love with it!

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