power of the brow.


As the proprietress of a blog called Arched Eyebrow, eyebrows are very important to me. Every day I thank baby Jesus that I didn’t overpluck them as a teen. I used to be a devotee of Benefit Brow Zings, but I’ve been finding it gets a bit messy in the box and consequently messy on my hands. I’ve also heard amazing things about MAC eyebrow pencils so when I was offered to try out eyebrow products from Debenhams, I took the opportunity to test out a different approach.

Decided to brush my brows upwards and outwards with Urban Decay’s Urbanbrow styling brush and setting gel, just to make sure they stay in place all day, and then filled in gaps and extended them slightly with MAC’s exemplary brow pencil in Stud. A lot of my pals just use pencil, but I find that due to the thickness and abundance of my eyebrows I really need a gel or a wax to set them in place. I think the pencil works really well over the gel. It’s cool that Brow Zings come in a handy little box with mirror and tweezers, but once you’ve had it a while it does all get a bit messy and imprecise. I find for precision, maybe the gel-pencil method has the edge.

A photo from inside, and then in natural light.

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