mix and match.


Sometimes I like to veer into what I would call ‘clown fashion’. Yesterday was one of those days. I took the morning off work and met my beloved pals Harry, Vanessa and Cathy for breakfast, chats and trolling, before heading off to a business thing. Harry demanded I put on my new glasses, and to be honest, I don’t blame him.

They’re pretty good, aren’t they? These babies come courtesy of London Retro and I just adore them. I really need my glasses at work because I spend all my days staring at screens – often at small-printed numbers (oh! The dangerous world of finance!), and I demand to look bitchin’ while I do it. London Retro frames bring two advantages: firstly, all the styles are hella chic, and secondly they’re all a supremely reasonable £79. Thumbs up all round.

Coat : ASOS
Shirt : ASOS Curve
Trousers : Simply Be
Shoes : Dr Martens
Satchel : Cambridge Satchel Co.

Accessorised with my flawless balloon dog necklace from Ted Baker. I obtained it with the help of Zalando, who market themselves as the ‘UK’s largest wardrobe’. They’re not kidding. Shopping their site is a bit overwhelming but there’s some really great stuff in there. The plus size section is an unmanageable nightmare, not least because it (how helpful!) includes clothes that are only produced in standard sizes when you click the link. Oh well…


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