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Quick notice! I’ve had to get a new Twitter account because of a catologue of technological errors – follow me here.

I got sent a lamp. It’s a really, really nice lamp. Receiving the lamp prompted a discussion with one of my best friends, who observed that I keep my ‘real life’ largely away from my blog. There’s a lot of stuff that if you only read my blog, and don’t know me in real life or on Twitter, you just wouldn’t know. I thought I’d use this as an opportunity to literally show you what my world looks like, and in a more abstract sense, tell you about it.

I’m 24. I live in South West London. I’m a financial journalist. My favourite colour is green. I’m queer. My favourite film is Annie Hall. I’m a feminist. I’m nonmonogamous / polyamorous. My hero is Miss Piggy, for lots of reasons. I’m 100% terrified of balloons. My favourite food is buffalo mozzarella. I run a body-positive, queer clubnight named after a Robyn song.

Anyway, back in the real world : I’ve recently moved house and didn’t take a lot of my junk with me, but here are a few bedroom bits I did bring. The lamp, which has been a major asset to my room. Lamps are special because of this section of the concert film Stop Making Sense. Click here for the site I got it from, because they have heaps of other good stuff, but anyway, this lamp is bitchin’.

I decided not to bring loads of books with me that I wouldn’t read because of my Kindle, or loads of DVDs I wouldn’t watch because of Netflix, so I just bought a selection of books I haven’t got round to yet, and some DVDs just in case. Also featured here is my cute twee radio, and the excellent glass pineapple that my thoughtful colleagues bought me for my birthday this year!

I found this jewellery box that used to belong to my mum and put a lot of my jewellery in it. After getting a lot of my jewellery stolen earlier in the year, I’ve resolved to spread my trinkets around various locations, so this is just some of my stash.

This beautiful, beautiful print from my pal Kristina / Krisatomic, who does the most amazing illustrations! This one was inspired by The Master and Margarita. Look at those inspirational eyebrows.

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