Last night I went on an adventure to Westfield in Stratford with my pal Sian after I was given some vouchers by their PR crew and asked to go hang out there. I was commanded to go shopping, eat dinner and do something fun, and I figured I was capable of all of the above. I met Sian there after work, and we had an excellent time rummaging, trying things on, eating, drinking and being merry. And being rubbish at bowling. It was really convenient to get to from my work in London Bridge, and really convenient to get home from. It was a pretty stress-free weeknight experience so if I needed to smash a load of shopping in one go, I’d definitely do it again!

One shop I was determined to poke around was Cos, knowing it’s one of my favourite shops that I can hardly ever afford anything in.

I tried on about a million things, but eventually I decided the colour of this cardigan was too excellent to pass up, so it’s now mine.

For reasons unknown, I considered buying this top. Is it too wrong even for me? Or did I pass up the opportunity of a lifetime in Forever21? I thought it could be good to wear with my fringed denim hotpants for my club night on Saturday but also didn’t want to give everyone the impression I was rejecting them.

On a related note, I also saw this heinous hat in New Look so naturally had to do as it said.

Instead I decided on a great shirt in Topshop that’s very me, and you’ll be seeing soon! We voyaged on to Kiehls, where we got excellent and attentive service as ever. Everyone I know who’s ever bought anything in Kiehls speaks so highly of their customer service, and obviously it (along with their amazing products) encourages such brand loyalty. I got a bottle of their wonderful Creme de Corps to layer under the Nashi Blossom & Pink Grapefruit aromatic mist, which smells excellent.

By this point we were hungry and in need of fried food and dairy products to energise us before bowling. We headed to All Star Lanes where we drank milkshakes and ate fried chicken and sweet potato fries and buffalo wings and mac & cheese croquettes and onion rings. We don’t do these things by halves. I was gleeful as I drank my shake.

Evidence of fried chicken and sweet potato fries. Not gonna lie, this surpassed my expectations: soft chicken and tasty fried exterior is what I look for.

And then it was time for post-dinner ‘sport’ which both of us felt much too full for, and yet we pressed on. We were pretty rubbish, although Sian was much less rubbish than me. Here she is in action.

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