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When you’re a fat girl who’s into clothes, for better or for worse you end up doing most of your fashion-buying online. In fact, most of the way you relate to fashion ends up being online. I think the internet has wholly revolutionised the way fat girls relate to fashion and personal style, in a massively good way. I need the internet. I get inspiration for the stuff I buy from other fatshion bloggers and the stuff they post on Twitter (where A LOT of our conversations seem to be “have you seen this cool thing?”), and then I do the deed online. While I wish there was greater availability of plus size fashion on the high street, it seems as if England is actually very well-served for online options in chubster fashion- both big brands and independent designers.

I know the UK plus size fashion industry has a lonnnnng old way to go, but I realised recently that online-only retailers are really doing a lot better than many brands who only sell from stores. They manage to be more creative somehow, with more abundant stock, more regularly updated, and with catwalk / 360-degree views, you stand a relatively good chance of knowing how the fit looks – not to mention being able to cross-reference with your bros on Twitter to see if you should size up or down.

Even though I end up purchasing much less regularly, I find myself checking online retailers like the ASOS Curve every day to see if anything inspiring has landed, and so often it has. I’m currently obsessed with two very different outfits that turned up on there recently and am feeling the need to share them both with you. I guess they can be subdivided into ‘work‘ and ‘play‘. I’m torn…


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