I really needed a change. I’ve been feeling pretty bleh about the way I look recently, which is most unlike me, but I guess hurtling along at a high pace on a ‘give no fucks’ vibe was going to have to crash sometime. I feel like I’ve got into a thing where I dress really messy and don’t make much effort and just wear my jeans and my grey trainers and it’s just a vicious circle of me feeling rubbish so I don’t make an effort so I feel rubbish so I don’t make an effort. So when I visited my pal Charlotte in Manchester this weekend, we decided to YOLO and dye my hair! I’m marking this as the first step towards me shaking up how I feel about myself and how I dress at the moment.

Coat : ASOS
Shirt : Dorothy Perkins
Jeans : Simply Be
Brogues : Clarks
Scarf : Primark

On my lips is my beloved LimeCrime Velvetine in Red Velvet. I’ve been trying out the MUA Lip Velvets which are a similar formula but at £3 a fraction of the (frankly high) price of a real Velvetine, and while I love the colours of the MUA velvets, they’re just not as opaque or long-wearing.

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