burger babe.


Yesterday was a big day for me and burgers. It was the first night of Hamburger Queen, the final foray for the annual fat beauty pageant / performance art extravaganza, run by the inimitable Scottee. I was a finalist two years ago and I know how much fun it is, so when I heard they needed someone to sell HQ merch, I gladly volunteered since it would mean I could watch the show from my stall! Before heading to Hamburger Queen, I stopped off at Dirty Burger across the road for something to eat. Knowing I had burgers on my horizon, I wore my wonderful new necklace, and lo, the Great Burger Day came to pass.

Jacket : Simply Be
Shirt : George at Asda
Skirt : Primark
Brogues : Clarks

And a closeup on my Black Heart Creatives burger necklace…

The jacket proved so popular that the guy who took my order at Dirty Burger, and flawless queen / plus size model Felicity Hayward who was head judge at Hamburger Queen both demanded to try it on… I mean, just look at how perfect it is with Felicity’s nails.

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