feeling good.


I’m feeling unsettled at the moment, spending a lot of time thinking about my choices and where I’m going in life. Fortunately, one area where I’m feeling just fine is the way I look. I felt that my outfit and general image this weekend was the best ‘me’ that I’ve been in a while. I had a VBO (visible belly outline), particularly ashy white hair, blue lips, visible stubbly legs, and felt super great about everything. So even if I have no idea what I’m doing, at least I’ve reached my best-ever image self.

Dress : ASOS
Leather jacket : ASOS Curve
Sneakers : Nike

I got even more good feelings from my makeup. Since getting my eyebrows dyed at The Final Nail in Brighton I’ve been feeling like I want to mess around with my makeup, so I broke out the Illamasqua Apocalips which I haven’t worn in a good while…

I don’t often ask questions in blog posts because sometimes it feels contrived, but this genuinely got me thinking about how other people characterise their best selves, image-wise. Tweet me or drop me a comment, I want to see how you feel best!

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