as long as it’s pink.


I just can’t stop with the pink. I feel like it’s becoming an integral part of my ‘personal brand’ (ha), and I just love it! Simply Be were kind enough to send me this PVC skirt to go with the wonderful pink biker jacket I already had, and I’m so, so into this as a combo! When I went to the theatre on Saturday, a girl who worked there was effusively complimenting my outfit, saying she was sad she didn’t feel she could get away with wearing a skirt like this. Remember, darlings – you can! You can wear whatever you want!

Jacket : Simply Be
Jumper : ASOS Curve
Skirt : Simply Be
Sneakers : NikeĀ 

And look at my wonderful new ASOS necklace! It’s a pineapple! So good for summer fun.

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