birthday baby.


On Saturday I turned 25. Not content with just one day, I decided to spin the whole affair out for three days, declaring Friday, Saturday and Sunday my ‘birthday weekend’. I only managed to get photos of two outfits, as I neglected to photograph my excellent ‘goth Mama Cass’ look from Saturday night, but here they are!

First up, for dinner, ice cream and drinking with Rob, my favourite.

Cardigan : H&M
Dress : ASOS Curve
Sneakers : Superga, a gift from Cloggs
Bag : Kate Spade

And then this, for my Sunday afternoon/evening spent with most of my best pals (cake was consumed in honour of absent friends). We hung out at my friends’ flat and ate massive amounts of cake. I thought I would dress like I was going to a children’s birthday party and wore my new Collectif sailor dress. The style of the dress is wonderful, if a little long (I’m 5ft9 and would be surprised if it worked on anyone much shorter than me), but I had to have two buttons sewn back on the front during the course of the afternoon by my darling friend Beth, who is handy with a needle and thread. Not ideal!

Dress : Collectif
Sneakers : Superga, via Cloggs

Oh, and they gave me the bumps…

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