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SimplyBe are helping me out with a dress for a wedding in a couple of weekends’ time, and very kindly sent me a few other things to try while we’re at it! First up is this truly excellent drop-waist check dress. I feel like this is not a style usually offered up to fats, and am really glad Simply Be went for it. Not gonna lie: there are surely, by this point, enough skater and wrap dresses marketed at fat women and we probably don’t need any more. This shape is great, and not one I’ve seen from a plus size retailer before. The material is really satisfying: silky but strong, stretchy but not clingy. I love the colour, I love the check, I just really love it. The more self-conscious of you, dear readers, might think (possibly because chub retailers never make them) that this shape is a bad idea for fats, but if you buy the right size so the drop-waist effect is still apparent then this is actually a really sweet, chic, kinda flirty design. I’m sold.

Dress : Simply Be
Brogues : Clarks
Necklace : Tatty Devine

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