white light.


Here’s a sweet outfit I wore for work and then fat babe hangouts on Friday night. I’m very, very into this white snakeskin-textured blazer, which is outrageously comfortable. I’m concerned that it won’t stay brilliant white for very long, what with my propensity for drinking coffee on the bus and wearing a beat-up grimy backpack to carry my swimming kit in, but I will persevere and try to take good care of it. Part of my femme revival is coming in the form of leopard print, which I’m trying to re-incoporate into my wardrobe. I thought this Peter Pan-collared top was a sweet way to start. I feel like neither of these items are necessarily things I would expect myself to choose, which just goes to show how pleasant it can be when I deviate from my usual fare.

Shoutout to sweet darling Callie for taking my photos on the roof of her flat, and inspiring me to start using my own SLR camera again!

Blazer : Simply Be
Top : Simply Be
Jeans : Simply Be
Sneakers : Superga

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