leopard luxe.


I feel like gold, orange and leopard print is a genius combination. I don’t know if it’s a known classic but it certainly enthuses me (yesterday i was wearing a bright orange wool swing cardigan under this coat, with jeans and sneakers). And besides, it’s the first outing of my absolutely fabulous Look magazine for Simply Be dress. I sung the collection’s praises when I posted the outstanding coat that gets me so many compliments, and there are still some items I’m properly pining for (both the maxi dresses must find their way to me), but today it’s the turn of the orange-red shirt dress. It’s so comfortable, it’s just the right length, the buttons at the neck is a sweet detail, it’s sensible but not too worky. I adore it.

Coat : Topshop (via my pal Marie!)
Dress : Look magazine for Simply Be
Brogues : Clarks 

And this is what happens when the wind blows…

Other new fave: my new Swatch from the Watch Hut. I’ve been wearing my chunky rose gold watch for the past couple of years but recently it’s been looking a bit tarnished and scratched, so when the Watch Hut offered me a new watch, obviously I said yes. My old watch was a beautiful beast, but it was extremely heavy, so when I would sit at my desk at work I’d have to take it off when I typed because it made such a loud noise whenever I moved my hands. Not ideal. But I love metal strap watches, so the obvious choice was a lighter metal one! This is just perfect, a shiny, bright gold, a readable face, a date section (that I need to set…). Satisfying.

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