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If summer is about wearing the bare minimum, then autumn is when my desire to accessorize properly kicks in. I’m feeling quite inspired by accessories and makeup at the moment, so thought I would do a quick post with my current fave bits that are either mine or soon-to-be-mine!

Top row- Monki beanie with veil: Monki’s accessories are just outstanding at the moment. I want them all. I picked up this net veil beanie in Gothenburg and am sad it hasn’t been cold enough here for me to wear it yet. It merges practical and interesting in a way that I feel very enthusiastic about // ASOS faux fur collar: I’m completely obsessed with fur collars, both on jackets and coats and on their own on top of other outerwear. This particular one was snapped up at the end of a recent ASOS sale, but there are loads around. This one feels quite masculine somehow and I always feel like Henry VIII when I wear it // Olivia Burton watch from Twisted Time: This is the most perfect and autumnal watch of them all, isn’t it? It feels like dead leaves and Silence of the Lambs (crime thrillers are what I look for in all my accessories, obviously) and I am just so into it. It’s a subtle statement, and one that works well with my other nature-inspired jewellery bits like my Alex Monroe necklaces.

Middle row- Rimmel Exaggerate eyeliner: My black liquid eyeliner quest was turning into a bit of a saga. I tried and I tried, I swear I did. I tried cheap ones and expensive ones, felt tip ones, inky inky ones, skinny brushes, thick brushes. And then I did what I should have done all along: asked someone with a deep commitment to eyeliner. My buddy Grace has some distinctive eyeliner going on, and they’ve always recommended Rimmel Exaggerate on top of some primer or foundation. And I am converted // Pink faux fur collar: What can I say, you can’t have too much of a good thing. I became possessed by the idea of a fluffy, feminine pink fake fur collar so I ordered this cheapy cheap one off Ebay which is winging its way towards me. I’m planning on wearing this with my more femmey coats and the browny ASOS one over my leather jacket // Hair scarves: Proving an essential part of my hair growth process, covering up bad hair days (or dirty hair days) with a scarf has been a total blessing. This Monki one I got in the sale a long time ago is the perfect size, shape and texture for tying up. And it has eyeballs on it.

Bottom row – MAC Russian Red lipstick: I tossed this into my little ziploc bag for my Copenhagen trip this weekend on a whim, and discovered what an excellent shade it is for me. I know everyone loses their shit over Ruby Woo but I find it’s just too cakey and dry. MAC Red and Russian Red hit the spot, though. I see this becoming an old new favourite // Leopard print tips: a DIY job that I’m really enjoying doing on myself now I have these excellent talons. I put on an episode of something silly like The Blacklist that I don’t have to concentrate on and I get to work. I think I even prefer just the tips to a full nail of leopard? // Monki pale blue scarf: Because I can’t afford an Acne Canada scarf, I have this baby blue Monki edition instead. Look how sweetly it works with my bright pink coat and bag. What a dream.

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