baby goth.


The old blonde was coming through so I dyed my hair a couple of shades darker the other night, which coincided with me receiving this sweet baby goth dress from Scarlett & Jo. Gothy autumnal vibes abound! The crocheted collar really makes this dress, but aside from that, it’s a well-fitted dress of a decent length with sleeves, and I for one will always be in the market for those. As I said in my accessories post the other day, collars are forming a major part of my accessory ~vibe~ at the moment, so wearing this adorable dress under my coat with a big fluffy fur collar was an autumn dream.

Dress : Scarlett & Jo (I could only see it in purple here, not sure why)
Brogues : Clarks 

And just to show you a bit more of the lovely crocheted detailed collar…

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