keep it simple.


As much as I like dressing up and getting frivolous, sometimes it’s nice to keep it chill. I had been thinking how much I wanted that basic but ubiquitous ‘fashion staple’ of a stone-coloured mac: no bells, no whistles, no ‘quirky’ design details, just like nature intended. I hadn’t seen any in plus size retailers and had shoved the desire to the back of my mind, on the pile with ‘holiday to Tokyo’ and ‘wire fox terrier’, the Maybe One Day When Things Are Different pile. But then fate intervened! During a quick dash to the post box in the shopping centre opposite work, I spied a whole rack of the exact item I desired the most, marked with a SALE sign in Gap. Not only were they in the sale, but they were also 20% off the sale price. Ask, my friends, and ye shall receive. So here we are, with me owning a delightful mac for a day at work then taking my beloved Beth for birthday poutine, just like we never left Montreal.

Not sure what my hair is trying to do here… I’m having an ongoing struggle with how to make my hair look normal while growing it. Apologies.

Coat : Gap
T-shirt : Topshop
Jeans : Evans
Sneakers : Superga
Scarf : Ebay

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