a good day.


I woke up on Saturday, checked myself out in the mirror (naked, obv), thought ‘Bethany, you are a damn fine human being’ and decided that it was going to be a good day. In celebration of this fact, I wore my favourite dress. I haven’t been this excited about an item of clothing for a really long time but my bright yellow leopard print shift dress brings me untold joy. I blogged it when I got it, and my enthusiasm hasn’t dimmed since then. It was also time to break out my excellent shaggy faux-fur coat from last year, which was a perfect companion to the dress. Fake fur forever.

Coat : Simply Be
Dress : ASOS CurveĀ 
Sneakers : Superga

Beth was taking photos of my face, but complained that she wanted to get my tattoo in, so I lifted my arms and now you’ve got my face, my tattoo and my truly excellent underarm hair.

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