square and circle.


I’m such a bad blogger- I was sent this Cut for Evans dress literally months ago and never got round to blogging it. Please forgive me. Today I’m wearing it with two recent purchases that are blowing my mind and rocking my world: the H&M grey bobble-polka dot cardigan and Tom Ford lipstick in Velvet Cherry. I really, really love the semi-illusion effect of this sweater dress and the waffle/honeycomb texture of the knit is a really nice detail. It’s a good length on me, veering on too short, but that’s mostly because I’m a real old lady about skirt lengths for daytime…

Sweater dress: Cut for Evans
Coatigan: H&M
Boots: Evans
The earrings are H&M and the lipstick is just divine, isn’t it? Tom Ford knows what he’s doing.

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