channel orange.


I’ve been very much in my tops with trousers or dungarees thing for some time now. As someone who struggles with tights and ladylike shoes, it just makes more sense to go for something a bit lower-maintenance. But when my buddy George collaborated with Lady V London on the Lady Voluptuous line, I was obviously going to give it a go. I went for the orange Cosette dress, because I loved the colour and the print, and thought the shape would work well for me. I also like the name Cosette because it was the name of Adriana’s dog in The Sopranos and I maintain that’s what George named it after. No, it’s not my usual style, but… maybe it should be? Maybe not full-time, but at least I know I can feel comfortable in something like this. I do struggle with some femininities, but I really, really loved this outfit. It made me feel like Carol, the lead character from my favourite book (Carol by Patricia Highsmith, do read it if you’re in the mood to fall in love). If you’re gonna get involved with this style, my only advice would be to size down. I asked for what I thought was my normal size but wish I’d sized down. One of my favourite things about this collection has been the way girls below a size 16 have been whining like ‘it’s so unfair that this is only available in plus sizes!!!! Why can’t you just make it in all sizes!!!!’ WELCOME TO MY WORLD, LADIES!

Dress : Lady Voluptuous
Coat : Marks & Spencer
Shoes : Evans
Stole : Missguided (similar)

And I decided to go full orange with my makeup too! Lipstick is Topshop in Could This Be Love.

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