bereaved mistress.


One of my favourite tweets of all time is by musical and aesthetic genius Annie Clark, aka St Vincent: My summer look is “bereaved mistress showing up to the funeral against the wishes of the family.” I thought of her on Saturday as I wore this outfit, in which I felt deliciously un-summery for the temperature. At the centre of it is the absolutely wonderful, perfectly-fitting jumpsuit from Studio 8. It’s so comfortable and feels so deliciously high-quality, and the inky midnight blue shade feels so super chic- more so than black. There’s a lot of lovely, quality, grown-up stuff at Studio 8, which is the new plus-size range from Phase Eight. When they offered for me to try an item from the new range, I knew instantly that it had to be the beautiful jumpsuit, but there’s a lot of super stylish work-appropriate stuff that can often be hard to find for the fat babe. I borrowed my friend’s hat, which was a Primark bargain and I need to buy for myself, as it’s totally great. I think I am a Hat Person.

Jumpsuit: Studio 8
Shoes: Evans
Hat: Primark
Bag: New Look
Sunglasses: ASOS

I’ve got obsessed with the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks. I want them in every colour. This month I bought two: Don’t Pink of It and Grand Cru, with the latter being what I wore with this outfit. It’s a gorgeous, long-lasting dark red that feels very sexy. Here is a picture of me wearing it, next to some graffiti that appears to say ‘slut.’

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