here comes the bride.


This weekend I had the great pleasure and privilege of attending the wedding of George, who you will almost definitely know from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust, and her now-husband Robbie. It was a beautiful day, full of sunshine, peacocks, great outfits and good vibes. I went with Callie and Danie, wh0 were absolutely excellent fun, and looked amazing (head to their blogs in the fullness of time, and I’m sure they’ll have posted their outfits too!)

I always feel a bit self-conscious when I wear A Nice Dress because I’m never sure if I’ll be able to pull it off, and make the rest of me look nice enough to go with it. This House of Magpie dress, that Navabi kindly gifted me when I was panicking about not finding anything to wear, was unbelievably ┬ábeautiful, and so much nicer than anything I’ve worn before. Unfortunately that dress is now out of stock but they have other dresses by the same designer here. I went for pale, blush- and baby blue-coloured accessories and pewter nail varnish to pick up the colours on the embellishment, and bright pink lips with rose gold eyes. I loved it, and felt like a sweet princess all day.

Dress : Navabi
Bag : ASOS
Shoes : New Look

It was unbelievably sunny (so sunny, in fact, I now have terrible sunburn!) so I turned to my trusty tortoiseshell cat-eye sunglasses from ASOS.

I can’t lie: we all looked fully radiant.

And what a beautiful bride!

I went for MAC Candy Yum Yum lipstick under Sephora Luster Matte lip colour in Magenta.

Congratulations to George and Robbie, and I wish you an excellent and long marriage!

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