got my eye on you.


I feel ‘summergoth’ is an important aesthetic and this dress goes a long way to totally nail it, especially with my blood-coloured lips and heavy, dark eyes. This dress is from Isolated Heroes, makers of my new pink sequin jacket, and let me just say: I know how rare it is to find genuinely cool and interesting clothes in my size. To find a retailer that makes clothes for skinny girls but that will also bother to make them up to a size 24 (I know that’s not every size but it’s a pretty decent range). So it’s a shame that I can’t be 100% enthusiastic about the finished product as mine is already developing flaws. It’s only a small hole (where the bottom-most eye connects to the mesh fabric of the dress) but it’s a hole that shouldn’t be there after one wear. Isolated Heroes have been extremely attentive, happy to answer questions and resolve issues with my order, but I’m not gonna pretend that everything is A++ with this item. I’ll keep wearing it and hope the hole doesn’t increase (and style it out when it does), but it’s just a shame that we can’t have bangin’ designs and bangin’ quality for our $$$.

Dress : Isolated Heroes
Sandals : Dr Martens

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