I always keep it casual when I go on holiday, especially when I only pack hand luggage. I keep a rotating array of tops and jeans, generally wear the same flat shoes or trainers every day, and take one neutral outerwear item. The trip I took to Tallinn in Estonia last week was no different, but it was an opportunity for me to wear a few great items for the first time. As Queen of Outerwear, this super chic mac just rocked my world. It’s made of fluid but heavy, drapey material and belts beautifully, and makes a really good alternative to the classic trench that’s generally made of stiffer material. The lighter, slightly greyish colour also adds that little something. Studio8 gifted me this when they sent me the stunning jumpsuit, but it’s only really been weather appropriate to wear it last week, in the slightly cooler Estonia.

Mac : Studio8
T-shirt : ASOS Curve
Jeans : ASOS Curve
Sandals : Dr Martens

Continuing my adventures in eye makeup…

Trying a new pair of jeans is always a minefield, and one I almost always regret, so it seemed unwise to take my new Juanrose pair to Tallinn without ever having worn them. And yet, I was proved wrong! They fit perfectly, deliciously tight, and with a very dark blue wash, made a nice change to my always-black denim choice.

Top : Junarose
Jeans : Junarose
Sandals : Dr Martens

Worn with a sweet, soft makeup look.

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