lucille 4.


I felt very Glamourous Older Lady in the outfit I wore to my friend Cathy’s 30th on Saturday. If there was a Lucille 4 in Arrested Development, it would be me. This weekend I had a massive clearout, following the KonMari method, which totally worked for me. I got rid of so much stuff- either in bags for the charity shop, or on Depop, or straight in the bin if it was torn or stained. An item I surprised myself by selling was a super nice printed jumpsuit that I got last year, but when I held it, it didn’t spark joy in me because I know that whenever I wear it, I feel self-conscious that the legs are slightly too short. Not short enough to be chic and midi-length, just… too short. So it went, and a lucky person will be receiving it in the post this week. The day before, sitting in Tallinn airport, I had ordered this new jumpsuit, which turned up halfway through my clearout, and when I put it on, it became the jumpsuit I had been looking for. The perfect length, the perfect print, the perfect fit. I don’t know why I’d held out so long- it’s so clearly me. It seemed fitting to replace an item I really liked that wasn’t quite right with one that was perfect.

Jumpsuit : ASOS Curve
Shoes : New Look
Necklace : Elephant & Castle shopping centre

Still obsessed with MAC Sin lipstick and dark winged eye makeup. Can’t stop won’t stop!

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