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Before this year, I used cleanser and moisturiser. It wasn’t working for me. I had very dehydrated skin, especially on my nose, which drove me to distraction. So one day, I decided to do various research and reading, and figure out what my skin’s problems were and how I could remedy them. Now, I have a 5-step skincare regime for daytime which is totally working for me. Without makeup, my skin looks much better, but even when I’m wearing makeup, my foundation and concealer look miles better and when it wears off throughout the day, it fades evenly and seamlessly, rather than clinging to dry patches. I feel like I’ve sorted my skin out once and for all, and a few people have asked for a skincare-specific blog post, so here it is!

I’ve been using Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish for at least 7 years, if not longer. I’ll probably never deviate, because it removes makeup super well, has never given me any trouble, and it takes me over a year to use 2 bottles. I smear it all over my face and then wipe it off with a flannel. Top tip: I used the muslin cloths that Liz Earle make until a couple of months ago, and now I’ve converted to flannels, which I buy in bulk off Amazon.

I recently started double cleansing, so after I’ve used Cleanse & Polish, I get rid of any last scraps of makeup with Garnier micellar water. I don’t know how much difference this makes, but people seem to think double cleansing is important, and the micellar water is easy to use so I figure why not.

My holy grail product is Derma E hydrating mist. My skin is very dehydrated so I need all the help I can get to moisturise it, and this is The One. I spray this on after cleansing, and the lovely hyaluronic acid-rich mist acts as the first step in my quest for full hydration. I love it so much, and feel just makes a great base for my serum and moisturiser. It’s frustrating that I have to order this particular item from America, but also frustrating that I don’t know of an equivalent or even similar product that I can get here. If you know of anything, do tell!

As I only just started using serum this year, I figured I shouldn’t commit too soon and should try a few before deciding which one is actually the best anti-aging serum for me. My first attempt was Vichy Aqualia, which I loved. Once I used that up, I’ve moved on to REN Radiance Perfection Serum. I honestly can’t praise REN highly enough- everything of theirs that I’ve tried has been sensational, and if you order before Sunday night, you’ll get a free supersized sample with every order, which is perfect for holidays. REN have great offers all the time, which contributes to my desire to keep buying from them. But mostly it’s the quality of the products: I love the smell of this, and it really makes my skin feel super lovely. Once I’ve used this up, I’m going to try the Origins serum, then decide which of the three is the best one for me.

Another REN item! Vita Mineral Daily Supplement Moisturising Cream has been a big hit for me, and I’m definitely going to repurchase this. It just makes my skin feel soft and hydrated, which is exactly what I want in a moisturiser. I like the pump packaging but WAY too much comes out- especially on a hot day when I’m feeling sweaty and it just won’t sink in. I’ve had to learn to be very gentle with the pump so I can moderate how much comes out, but surely the point of the pump is it dispenses the right amount? Perplexing.

I use Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate a few times a week and feel pretty sold on its overnight effects. It just makes my skin look better- smoother, more glowy. I hate the pipette dispenser, but aside from that it’s a great product. It smells lovely, the bottle is nice, and a little goes a really long way, which is bloody good considering how expensive it is.

And, finally, more REN: once a week, I try to put Philip Kingsley Elasticizer on my hair and REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask on my face, both for 10 minutes, then wash them off at the same time. This is particularly good for when I’m going out and need that little boost, because I really feel the REN mask is a radiance miracle worker. I think this and the Derma E mist are my proper ultimate faves in terms of how impressed I’ve been with the results on my skin.

Something I don’t have but am planning to get soon is the Pixi Glow Tonic, about which I’ve only heard great things. And you know I’m a sucker for anything that’ll make me glow.

I know it’s all pretty expensive, but I’ve found it’s worth it for me, and I’ve accumulated these over time rather than all in one go. If you know of any good dupes for expensive skincare products, I would love to hear them.

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