happy birthday to me.


It was my 26th birthday on Sunday, and I decided it was the perfect excuse to dress extravagantly. I bought this wonderful blue velvet Beth Ditto for Evans dress off the super cool Amanda who was selling hers, and who also got me into my now-all time favourite perfume (Portrait of a Lady by Frederic Malle) so I have a lot to thank her for! This dress fits me perfectly, is a perfect shape and has the best [deepest] pockets I’ve ever had on a dress. I hope I get a lot of wear out of it for celebrations to come! For outerwear, I obviously went for my new(ish) Isolated Heroes jacket. You may remember my not-so-glowing review of the eye dress I have from there, and unfortunately I feel kind of the same about this. In brief, I think it looks great but there are just little details that mean I don’t 100% love it the way I should love a pink sequin jacket with a red Mongolian collar. Threads are coming loose, it doesn’t hang totally properly so when you’re wearing it, you can see a bit of the lining at the bottom on the back (which isn’t something I’ve ever noticed with any other jacket), the collar detaches itself from the jacket way too easily and I’ve had to pin it on with safety pins are a few issues that come to mind as I write this. I feel bad, not least because an accusation levelled at fat women is that we’re not willing to shell out and support independent designers, but to be honest, if this is the quality I get for my money when I go to an independent designer, then I would rather stick to ASOS… all of which is a shame, because look how bloody great the jacket looks on me!

Dress : Beth Ditto for Evans
Jacket : Isolated Heroes
Shoes : Evans

Lipstick is my new Charlotte Tilbury 1975 Red which I got for my birthday and I just adore. The packaging is incredible.

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