beautiful bardot.


I bought an off-the-shoulder top a month or so ago, and every time I went to put it on, I just thought ‘… nah’. It felt too hard to wear, not me, too dressy, so I returned it. But I still felt the urge for this season’s top of choice. When I saw Callie at the weekend, she was wearing this really excellent and fairly casual off-the-shoulder top, so I thought it could be a goer. Even more so when I looked on the Simply Be site and it was reduced to £13.50. I checked the reviews for info on fit and size, and everyone advised to size down. I sized down, but honestly I could have sized down twice. This represented the first thing I’ve had from Simply Be in a year. I know I’m not alone in feeling like Simply Be would get a lot more of my money if their sizing was consistent. When you’re pretty restricted to shopping online, it’s even more essential that brands offer reliability, accuracy and consistency in sizing. And if they can’t guarantee that, then why not do a size guide for every item? It would make life so much easier. Anyway, I’m super glad I’ve found an off-the-shoulder top that fits into my wardrobe. I tried it on with dark wash skinny jeans but it just felt too self-consciously sexy, but I really like it with my ripped mom jeans.

Simply Be Bardot top

Top: Simply Be
Jeans: ASOS Curve
Shoes: Evans (old)
Belt: ASOS Curve (old)

I kept seeing pictures of people wearing the perfect pinky-red lip, and every time I asked it was always MAC All Fired Up, a lipstick I own. I hadn’t worn it in a while, so I decided now was the time to break it out again.

MAC All Fired Up



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