simple sunday.


There aren’t many things I look in my wardrobe and think ‘wow, I could really do with [insert item here]’, but a black t-shirt dress was one of them. I got paid on Friday and decided it was high time to rectify the shirt dress situation, so I picked up this one from Monki. I got it in an L which is now sold out but I feel like an M might work for smaller plus sizes. Or just do the old classic of adding the size you want to your saved items and watching like a hawk until one comes back in your size.

I love this dress because it’s so easy to wear and I can wear it all year round with different accessories, shoes, makeup, jewellery etc. Yesterday I wore it for lunch in Walthamstow and teamed it with my all-time favourite sandals from Dr Martens (I got them in 2014 and have never found a more useful summer shoe) and my new Tatty Devine name necklace.

Dress: Monki
Sandals: Dr Martens (also in white and tan)

My name necklace is the new pink pearl acrylic from Tatty Devine and I’m already getting so much joy out of it!

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