colour theory.


It’s July. I have a lot going on in July. First: my collection with navabi! I wanted to create a coherent capsule collection of wearable, everyday statement pieces that will look great together and when worn with neutrals. I’m so happy with how this collection has turned out, and I feelĀ so lucky that I work somewhere that allows me to take part in such amazing projects with such talented people. I worked with my colleagues Janina and Julia in the design team to come up with the range, after creating numerous Pinterest boards to figure out what I wanted the collection to look like…

If you want to read more about the logic and thinking and context behind this collection, I did an interview with Marie Southard Ospina for Bustle, which is actually a great piece and I would recommend you read it here!

Below are some photos of my designs, modelled by yours truly, shot by my boss Dan Barker, who is not a professional photographer, and is in fact a marketing dude, yet somehow manages to make me look really nice in every photo he takes of me while also allowing me to look like my True Self.

But most importantly: you can shop the collection right here!


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