dungaree dream.


Hello and welcome to my new crush: these dungarees. I love that Levi’s makes plus size stuff and I’ve enjoyed trying various items from their range. The overwhelming feedback I have and that I’ve gathered from others is that the plus size stuff is great but the sizing is often not. These come up really small! Like, really small! If you want to try them I would definitely size up once or twice, especially if, like me, you have big hips. That said, now I’m wearing them, they feel amazing. Soft and stretchy but strong, and… they look cute as hell.

Dungarees: Levi’s (in recognition of the fact these are v £££, here is an alternative)
Top: Junarose
Sneakers: Superga

I’m also wearing my current lipstick obsession which is the outrageously decadent Hourglass Confession lipstick in If Only. I find this colour is absolutely perfect on me, and the formula is incredible- I often want to take a break from all the super-dry liquid lipsticks I wear BUT don’t want to sacrifice the impact of the colour or go too glossy. Things like Nars Audacious are good but I sometimes find the formula hard to apply accurately, and I’ve been waiting for the perfect solution to come along. I’m pretty sure it’s these. As you can see in the link above, you only need to shell out once for a lipstick in the gold tube, and if you want to try any other colours, you can buy the refill which is £10 less and switch them out. The dream.

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