I know what I like. I like relaxed, non-jean trousers with a top of some description tucked in. That’s my sartorial happy place and it’s what I wear most days. But sometimes I fancy a change, and I see something that captures my imagination. This dress, from the second influencer collaboration with navabi (hey, did you hear? Mine was the first!) is just that. It’s by the gorgeous and lovely Aglae Dreyer who you’ll probably recognise from her modelling work on pretty much every plus size site. And this dress isĀ beautiful. It’s also sold out, which I am very sorry for! But I wanted to show you how lovely this dress is a) in case it comes back in stock if someone returns one and b) because it’s a great advertisement for the rest of the collection, which is in this same blue-and-white, relaxed but cool/pretty vibe. This dress is great because at first glance it’s a standardly pretty blue and white striped dress with some kind of embroidery, but when you look closer… the embroidery is of eyes! I don’t know why this charmed me so much, but it did.

I also have the sports-luxe trousers from this collection which I absolutely adore. Aglae, if I may say so, did a great job on her collection! I’m now wondering if the midi skirt would be a nice end-of-summer-beginning-of-autumn piece…

Dress: Aglae x navabi
Shoes: Evans (old)

And on my lips is the absolute classic, NYX liquid lipstick in Cherry Skies. I wanted to wear something other than my current fave rosy-brown shades but thought a bright red was maybe too obvious with this dress, so Cherry Skies seemed perfect.

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